Dave Sharred (G3NKC), England
14 September 2013
029 / 340
--- KM
Vintage Jacket by BANDA

On the 14th of September, the watch took a trip just across the Welsh border, to Chirk Castle, which dates back to 1310. The castle is quite small, very well-preserved, and enjoys some great scenic views across towards England. The watch also went all over the ornate gardens, including the Hawk House, which used to house birds of prey.

Next was the Chirk Aqueduct, built by Thomas Telford and Willam Jessop in 1801, which is right on the Welsh/English border, some 70-feet high. This aqueduct is a World Heritage site, and links to the Pontcysyllte aqueduct, with a 6mile walk. You have to pass through the 1200-foot long Darkie Tunnel, requiring a torchlight for safe passage!

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