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11-16 July 2013
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Vintage Jacket by BANDA

The Davosa started its trip from Zagreb (Croatia) on Thursday, 11th of July when I meet Nick, his son and his parents for a short talk in the evening in front of their hotel and it left Slovenija on Wednesday, 16th of July.

Slovenija (the capital is Ljubljana) is ex an Yugoslavijan state, and is the most nothern country gaining independence in 1991 when big changes happened in Eastern Europe after the fall of the Berlin Wall which would lead to major unrest and a tragic war in the Balkan region.

These days Slovenijans are known as skiers, ski jumpers, with a litlle bit of sea coast, lakes, Alps and about 2 million inhabitants.

CELJE CASTLE is a major medieval fort and a significant landmark and was first mentioned in 1125. The most important owners in the history of the castle were the Counts of Celje, strong landowners starting their interesting story in 1436 which story was writen by Anna Wambrechtsamer; Heut Grafen von Cilly und nimmermehr; 1932

CELJE today is the third biggest town in Slovenija with approximately 40.000 inhabitants. The town is also known for its production of Titan dioxidate, the handball club Pivovarna Lasko, world traveller Alma Karlin, photographer Josip Pelikan, athlete Stanko Lorger and others.

The LIME TREE is the national tree of Slovenija with a legend of Martin Krpan (by author Fran Levstik, 1858), who was a smuggler of salt, and was strong enough to pick up a horse with bare hands whom defeated Brdavs, a bully from Vienna with a cudgel made of lime tree.

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