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Jimbolia is a town in Timis county, Romania. The earliest record of a community in this location is a place identified as Chumbul in a papal tax record in 1333. This place came under Turkish Ottoman administration in 1552. As a result of the Treaty of Passarowitz this place came under Austrian rule in 1718. The surrounding region had become seriously depopulated during the period of Turkish rule.

Jimbolia was colonized in 1766 by German-speaking settlers (Danube Swabians) who named their new community Hatzfeld. After 1867 this community was also officially known as Zombolya.

The town came under Serbian military rule on Nov. 17, 1918 but as the result of an adjustment in the border between Romania and the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes, it became part of Romania with the name Jimbolia on April 9, 1924.

Formerly, the town was populated mainly by ethnic Germans, but as result of emigration, the Romanians form currently the largest ethnic group. The 2011 census counted 10,048 inhabitants: 78% Romanians, 11% Hungarians, and 3% Germans.

Below: statue of Saint Florian, patron of firemen and a symbol of the city.

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