Dave Sharred (G3NKC), England
September 2013
028 / 340
--- KM
Vintage Jacket by BANDA

The country of England is a part of the greater United Kingdom, located between the Irish Sea and the North Sea. It's population is 53 million, comprising 84% of the total population of the United Kingdom.

On The 15th September, the watch found its way to Crewe, our host Dave's hometown. Crewe is a railway town in origin, and found prominence in the Victorian era. During its stay, our world traveller was able to visit another home of intricate mechanical automation - the Bentley Motors factory. Known for their fine workmanship and overall quality, the watch fit right in.

On the list of destinations was also England's more natural landscape, terrain characterized by hills and plains, with many structures built long past. We see the watch visiting one of England's relic aqueducts, the Chirk Aqueduct, set against a backdrop of the countryside.

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