Dave Sharred (G3NKC), England
November 2013
032 / 340
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Vintage Jacket by BANDA

Curacao, officially the Country of Curaçao, is two islands off the cost of Venezuela in the southern Caribbean Sea. It is a part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, with a population of 140,000 spanning 444 square kilometers. The capital, Willemstad, is known for its historic feel and beautiful natural harbour.

Whiptail lizards (Cnemidophorus) are endemic to Curacao and can be found almost everywhere on the island. They love sunbathing are not shy when it comes to humans.

The flora of Curacao differs from typical tropical island vegetation. There are various cacti, as well as other plants that are typical only found in areas of very low moisture.

From the Dutch's capture of Curacao in 1634, they faced numerous threats to the island from Spain, France, England, Venezuela, and Germany. These lasted until the end of World War 2 and prompted the construction of several forts to help secure the island's inhabitants. Riffort was one of these such forts, and was built in 1828 to defend the outer section of Willemstad's Otrobanda district.

The last photo is a rare shot of one watch host passing the watch onto the next!

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